Low Power 440 MHz RPTRs

Missouri Repeater Council, Inc.

For Low Power, Low Height Systems in the 440 MHz Band

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This guideline applies to the coordination of low power, limited height, analog and digital repeater systems in the 420-450 MHz band. This guideline provides options to permit closer spacing of repeaters in the 70 cm band by establishing physical and technical limits on the installation.


With the introduction of off-the-shelf digital repeaters with Internet connectivity readily available, many individuals and clubs want to coordinate a repeater pair for local use. No pairs are available in some areas and are rapidly being depleted in others.

Shared Channels

Three shared channels will be set aside state-wide. They are:

442.5250 MHz
442.6250 MHz
442.6500 MHz

System Configurations  

In order to close space repeaters in the shared channels with minimal interference, the following system parameters will apply:

  1. Mileage separation: Low power repeaters will be coordinated with a 40 mile separation (20 mile radius).
  2. RF output: Repeaters will be restricted to 50 watts output as measured at the transmitter antenna connector…no amplifiers will be permitted.
  3. Antenna height: The base of the antenna will be restricted to a maximum height of 25 feet above the ground…not from any supporting structure such as a house or tower.
  4. Access: Each repeater will be coordinated with, and required to use an assigned CTCSS, DCS or other Selected Access protocol as available on the type of repeater in use.