Trustee Change

Missouri Repeater Council, Inc. 

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How to change a Trustee

Every repeater has a callsign.  Every callsign has a trustee.  The trustee is the callsign Licensee if the repeater is privately owned, or the FCC Trustee if the repeater is club or group owned. The name of the Trustee in the MRC database must match one of the above two possibilities. 

The MRC cannot accept an email or phone call from an individual claiming to be the new trustee of repeater XYZ.  Anarchy would result.  To request a trustee change, the MRC needs a note from the club secretary stating that the membership or Board of Directors, elected “John Doe” as the trustee, replacing “Sam Smith” effective on this date.  The name of the new trustee must match the callsign in the FCC’s database.  The club secretary or the new trustee must provide the MRC with the required contact information for current and future correspondence.  The MRC frequency coordinator will make the necessary changes to the database and issue the new trustee a password for access to the repeaters now under his responsibility.

When the owner of a private repeater decides to give or sell a coordinated repeater to another Amateur, the trustee change is handled per the Transfer of Coordinated Frequencies paragraph in the Repeater Coordination Guidelines document.  In the case of death or disability of a trustee, the MRC will accept a trustee change request from a surviving spouse, adult child or estate executor.

Each repeater has a Contact Person to handle the routine or special updates and correspondence with the MRC.  The Contact Person can be, and often is, the same as the Trustee.  However, some clubs with multiple repeaters, choose to have more than one Contact Person to handle the paperwork for a single Trustee.  Since Trustees, individual owners or club elected, are responsible for the proper operation and coordination of their respective repeaters, they may change the Contact Person by making the request to the MRC frequency coordinator. 

Trustees and club officers should be aware that the MRC sends the Annual Repeater Update request to the Contact Person listed in the database.  If they have changed their email and/or paper mail address without notifying the MRC, the repeater(s) may be in jeopardy of being de-coordinated due to lack of response.