Missouri Repeater Council, Inc.  

By now you have read or heard that the ARRL has gotten out of the electronic repeater directory business and has outsourced the paper Repeater Directory to a for-profit company that accepts input from anyone and everyone.  The Missouri Repeater Council (MRC), like many coordinating bodies, has chosen not to provide our data to a company that lists both coordinated and un-coordinated repeaters. 

The MRC will continue to provide coordinating services for all repeaters in the state and will maintain the complete list of coordinated repeaters on our web page.  Coordination is much more than a list and the MRC is proud to have served the Amateur community since 1984  


You have reached the Missouri Repeater Council’s (MRC) web page.  We hope you find this site useful and we welcome your comments.  The purpose of the MRC is to provide frequency coordination services in the bands allocated to amateur repeaters, to serve as a forum for technical standardization in the Amateur Radio Service, to promote common events, and to help provide community service through the usage of Amateur Radio and Amateur Repeaters.

The MRC was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1984 to serve as the central clearinghouse for Amateur repeater coordination in the state of Missouri.

In 1985 the MRC became a charter member of the Mid-America Coordination Council, Inc. (MACC) for the purpose of standardizing coordination and technical criteria among the 21 member states.  While the MRC has its own policies and procedures, they closely follow the policies of the umbrella organization.

  The MRC is a member of the National Frequency Coordinators’ Council, Inc. (NFCC) and has been certified as complying with the NFCC standards.

In the navigation pane on the left, you will find the list of Amateurs who have volunteered to serve on the MRC.  The Band Plan tab breaks down the Frequency Use Plan for each band from 28 MHz through 23 cm.  In the Coordination tab you can find the Guidelines and an Application form for new or modified coordination requests.  Many documents related to MRC policies and decisions are posted under the Documents tab.  The Directory tab allows you to sort the Amateur repeaters in Missouri in a number of ways.

The MRC exists to support an agreed upon plan to minimize the occurrences of interference between systems and to provide an organization through which coordination can be obtained.  Do not hesitate to contact us with issues relating to Amateur repeater coordination in Missouri.

Trustees and Contact Persons may update their personal or repeater information by clicking here (not available at this time) .  For instructions on how to change a repeater Trustee, click here.