Two Meter Digital

Missouri Repeater Council, Inc.

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For Digital Systems in the 2 Meter Band   


These guidelines apply to the coordination of digital systems.  These digital systems include D-Star, P-25 and other similar systems. 

Lower 2M Channels (144.60-144.90, 145.20-145.50) 

  1. Systems to be coordinated on standard 20 KHz channels if available. Current adjacent and co-channel separations are to be used.
  2. Systems to be coordinated on 10 KHz offsets as second choice using an adjacent channel separation distance of 65 miles or greater and a 120 mile co-channel separation. 

Upper 2M Channels (146.01-146.37, 146.61-147.39) 

  1. Systems to be coordinated on standard 15 KHz channels if available.
  2. 7.5 KHz offsets will not be used. 

Standard Channels not Available 

If standard channels are not available, the digital systems may be coordinated on the following channel pairs until standard channels are available. 

Output Frequency Input Frequency
146.4500 147.4500
146.4600 147.4600
146.4700 147.4700
146.4800 147.4800
146.4900 147.4900


  1. The above frequencies are to be digital only, no analog systems shall be coordinated on these channel pairs.
  2. The channels shall be coordinated based upon a co-channel separation of 120 miles and an adjacent channel separation of 65 miles.
  3. Systems coordinated on these pairs would have priority access to standard pairs (15 KHz, 20 KHz or 10 KHz) when they become available or alternatives are developed.